"Brotherhood" - The pilot. a collection of 3D Animated Shorts created in Unreal Engine 5
"Brotherhood" - The pilot. a collection of 3D Animated Shorts created in Unreal Engine 5

First 3D animated virtual production of 2022 - only a short pilot, but the start of a series I plan to use to implement lessons already learned, while also gaining new insight along the way.

Project Manager by day - Creative artist by night... let the journey really begin....

This is a pilot piece for a series of short films planned for production using Unreal Engine 5 and advanced, custom, Metahumans. With the metaverse looming production is now being bought into the hands of the individual.

The story will follow brothers Luke and Eddie on a journey which explores all aspects of brotherhood from blood to symbolic.

With this series I intend to explore what a real independent animator can do using the powerful tools available to us now - yes, that means no freebies provided to me for cheap advertising, no sponsorship and no bias. As an indie I don't have a huge budget for production, so I will be exploring ways of making the most of every investment. I have done everything solo from script writing to post-production with only paid voice actors in addition to myself, and it's all a learning curve.

With this production, I worked particularly on several areas and have taken away several lessons, which I plan to push into coming scenes. I plan to push the latest Unreal Engine 5 build as hard as a solo creator can do...


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